LipoEncap Nutrient System (LENS)





What is LENS technology?

LENS, short for Liposomal Encapsulated Nutrients System, is a cutting-edge new delivery system for nutrients. This transformative dosage form features extraordinary absorption rates, specific targeting, and high stability, making it ideal for direct cell absorption of the essential nutrients in Bioulife’s health products.

Unlike traditional dosage forms like capsules and tablets, LENS technology encapsulates vitamins and nutrients in microscopic phospholipid cells called liposomes. Because human cell membranes are also made of liposomes, the similar structure enables the liposome-enveloped nutrients to meld with and enter into our bodies’ cells, enabling the encapsulated nutrients to be directly absorbed at the cellular level.



Compared with traditional dosage forms, which are mostly broken down in the digestive system and eliminated as waste rather than absorbed into the body, LENS technology features superb bioavailability and absorption, making it the ideal delivery method to ensure you’re experiencing the full benefits of the supplements you’re taking.