Company Introduction


Founder's Story

Dr.Peter Ou
MD, Ph.D, ( Clinical Pharm.& Toxicology, UCL)
Chief Scientific Officer & Founder of Bioulife Innovative Nutrition
A storied career in the nutraceutical industry, culminating in Bioulife

For Dr. Peter Ou, his calling to the natural health industry came early. Apprenticed to an herbalist while in middle school in 1970s China, he would trek into the mountains every day to gather valuable lifesaving roots and herbs utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. These herbs were then taken to the local hospital dispensary, where they were refined and made into injections. The effect on patients was clear, and the young Dr. Ou saw firsthand how natural medicine could improve the lives of patients and bring hope and joy back to their families.

Determined to help even more people through modern medicine, Dr. Ou enrolled in the prestigious Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences, where he majored in public health and prevention. While there, he came to realize the futility and helplessness of doctors in the face of incurable illnesses, and came to the realization that prevention, instead of treatment for existing diseases, was a better method to a longer and healthier life.

He changed his focus to being a research scientist and enrolled in University College London ( UCL) in the UK, where his research thesis focused on treating drug induced liver toxicity and diabetes through preventative healthcare. His research proved that the antioxidant effects on alpha lipoic acid had strong beneficial effects on those suffering from diabetes.

After immigrating to Canada, Dr. Ou founded the Honson Pharmatech Group, with a focus on prevention and raising the quality of life through natural healthcare. After 25 years, Dr. Ou is now an industry giant who has helped launch over a hundred partner brands into commercial success.

”Through his tireless work, he has come to recognize two core requisites that determine whether or not a supplement works as intended: the active ingredients contained, and the supplement’s delivery system, or in other words its dosage form. Active ingredients cannot do their work and act to their full effect in the body unless the delivery method is suited to their form. This is the drive behind utilizing liposomal technology, as liposomes can envelope many normally inert active ingredients for far better absorption in the human body.”.

”The adoption of liposomal technology has the potential to generate significant ripple effects in the supplements industry, and Dr. Ou is, as ever, at the forefront of the next stage in natural health innovation.”.

History of Development

Bioulife was created with a simple vision: to advance health, wellness, and happiness through better nutrition, delivered using the most advanced dosage forms.

Backed by the Honson Group of Companies, an integrated Canadian nutraceuticals manufacturer since 1995, Bioulife is more than just another health product – Bioulife is a comprehensive suite of the highest quality wellness supplements created using the most advanced liposomal technology to deliver potent nutrition straight into the body’s cells.

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Created and managed by a team of PhD scientists, nutritionists, and health and wellness industry experts with multiple decades of expertise, Bioulife is here to inspire, motivate, and provide the nutrition boost needed in your journey to greater health and wellbeing.

Behind the Products

Our products are backed by our scientific formulations team, who work tirelessly to innovate proven health products with better delivery methods, stronger potency, and greater efficacy.

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New products are developed, tested, and retested constantly to find the perfect balance in delivering the exact amount of nutrition the body needs. The end result is Bioulife’s liposome technology health supplements, with absorption rates capable of directly delivering nutrition at the cellular level.

Our best-in-class manufacturing standards ensure all products are uniformly produced to the highest quality criterions. All Bioulife products are produced in Toronto, Ontario, in a Health Canada site-licensed, GMP-compliant, and FDA-inspected manufacturing facility.

Above-and-beyond amenities include HEPA air purification and reverse osmosis water filtration, for finished products that are safe, trusted, and of the highest quality. But don’t just take it from us – every Bioulife batch is also tested by third-party analytical laboratories to reaffirm that our products are of the highest quality and potency, and free of contaminants like microbials and heavy metals.

Bioulife’s Core Values


We stand behind our products, and we’re proud to offer the highest quality health supplements. With a combination of worldwide ingredients sourcing, high manufacturing standards, and third-party lab testing, we’re confidant of our products’ potency, purity, and quality.


Innovation is in our blood. Prior to Bioulife, our formulations team has already successfully developed over 600 bestselling supplement formulas, and liposomal technology is the culmination of our many decades of scientific expertise and research. We’re dedicated to continuously researching, developing, and refining ever better natural health products.


We’ve always believed in better health through better nutrition. After all, balanced nutrition is the holistic link to improved health, greater energy, and strengthened body systems. To that end, Bioulife produces a comprehensive suite of products targeting a multitude of nutritional and health needs.


Better health and wellness is a lifelong pursuit, where every day we improve and grow stronger. No matter where you are in your health journey, Bioulife is here to inspire and motivate you towards achieving your personal health goals.