Dr. Peter Ou

MD, Ph.D, ( Clinical Pharm.& Toxicology, UCL)
Chief Scientific Officer & Founder of Bioulife Innovative Nutrition
Dr. Peter Ou

Dr. Peter Ou is a medical researcher and entrepreneur who is well-versed in both Chinese and Western medicine. For more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, he has focused on the development, production and sales of nutritional and health products with Heart of benevolence. As the founder of the Honson Pharmatech Group in Canada, He has created Honson Ingredients, Nutralab Canada, and its own brand,  a Bioulife company focusing on liposome delivery technology.

At present, Honson Pharmatech Group has formed a one-stop service chain from research and development, production to sales.

Dr. Peter graduated from Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University with a major in public health and

preventive medicine. After graduation, he became the only graduate to stay in University. During this period, he obtained a master's degree in toxicology and continued to stay in University for teaching and research on health toxicology and nutrition. . With more than 10 years of study and research experience in China, he has a broad understanding of the physical and health needs of Asians.

In 1991, Dr. Peter received a scholarship from the University of London, UK, and entered the National Drug Toxicology Research and Monitoring Center at the University of London's famous Guy‘s Hospital, where he was involved in the supervision and prevention of drug poisoning; The mechanism and prevention of drug-induced liver injury in the Department of Gastroenterology , St. Thomas Hospital, University of London. In 1993, he received a full scholarship from the University of London College (UCL) for a Ph.D. and received his Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology in 1996.

With prevention and treatment as well as years of research and philosophy in preventive medicine, Dr. Peter Ou established the Honson Ingredients company in Canada in 1996 to start research and development of natural health-care nutritional products. The business mainly imports and sells a variety of vitamins from all over the world. It refers to biochemical nutrient raw materials and supplies health products manufacturers in Canada and the United States.

Then in 2005, he founded Nutralab Pharmaceuticals, a more value-added company to develop and produce health care products, and became the first cGMP manufacturer to be recognized by Health Canada.

The company also completed the transformation from raw material suppliers to finished product manufacturers and created its own product brand.

Nutralab Canada is a well-known GMP health care OEM in Canada. It has been developing and producing more than 100 famous brands of health products in North America and other countries and regions in the world for more than 20 years. Nutralab has recently cooperate with more and more with enterprises to develop R&D and production to meet the development needs of the Chinese market.

In 2019, Honson Industrial Group introduced six production lines dedicated to the production of liposome products, opening up new retail, interactive marketing and cross-border e-commerce business model. By focusing on liposome series of health products, Advance with the times, stand out from the crowd and lead the trend.